Wholesale Pharma Software Features

  • Head Office & Branch Office Modules with consolidated and individual accounting.
  • Android Apps for Customers, MR and Salesmen.
  • Software ready advanced user rights options.
  • GST ready software with E way bill and E – Invoicing Options and other GST reports.
  • TCS & TDS working
  • Tremendous software speed with stable technology.
  • Facility to make multiple entries like Sales, purchase, receipt, payment at a time
  • Multiple printers and printing options.
  • Online Purchase feeding
  • Direct communication of orders and sale bills with retailers
  • Email and Sms sending feature.
  • Email of all Sale bills in PDF, TEXT & CSV format
  • Facility to change printing format at entry level.
  • Advanced delivery tracking system to save time and energy.
  • Features during billing- can show outstanding, last rate, discount, credit limit, sale & expiry ratio
  • Easily convert purchase orders to purchase bills.
  • Auto Supplier wise debit note of all companies for expiry.
  • Various methods of Purchase Orders.
  • Checkpoints to help avoid losses.
  • Convert reports directly to excel pdf text
  • Accounting up to finalization
  • Many checkpoints to avoid losses in expiry, wrong rates, schemes, etc.
  • Unique reports – Area / Company Sale and Expiry Ratio, Numerous Outstanding Reports, Stock and Sales Reports, Profit Reports, GST reports, Company, Product, etc
  • Send bulk SMS for various events like special occasion, receipts, billing, etc.
  • Convenient User access controls.

Online Billing, Inventory and Accounting

  • Online Support (Chat, Email and Remote Access) and Telephonic Support through our dedicated call centre.
  • Billing and Accounting is integrated in the MediVision Platinum Wholesale software. It provides you with an online billing facility and accounting up to the finalization. This saves you the hassles of spending additional time, money and efforts to maintain separate accounting. Our distribution software is also compatible with the Tally for accounting finalizations.
  • Excellent credit note tracking and its conversion into company wise debit notes automatically.
  • Checkpoints to help avoid/ minimize losses during purchase, sale, expiry claims, un-settled claims, purchase order etc.
  • Use the Bulk SMS feature to quickly intimate your customers & C&F agents about important updates.
  • Data Exchange (for automatic feeding of purchase bills) facility between Wholesalers & Retailers.
  • The built-in inventory management feature provides expiry handling, non-moving and slow moving products, generating purchase orders, etc.
  • Numerous methods for generating daily purchase orders – average sales, order ratio, sales quantity based, etc.
  • Import purchase bills of many companies in a few easy clicks, thereby avoiding the time-consuming task of feeding lengthy purchase bills manually.
  • Effortlessly convert purchase order to purchase bill.
  • Features to easily manage multiple godowns.
  • Lots of customization options including Bill Numbering series, Quick billing mode, various scheme calculation methods etc.
  • Being used on counters with more than 3000 bills per day.
  • Auto-year changing facility to carry all account balances and inventory in a single click.
  • AIOCD EDE feature implemented.

Total Independency

  • Download setup and upgrade any time.
  • Auto Update facility.
  • The medical distribution software is very simple to use and needs no computer knowledge.
  • First company to give end user license for the software – which further reduces dependency of the user on the software vendor.
  • Simplest method of closing a financial year.
  • Export financial and accounting data to Tally.
  • Integrated Backup & Restore tool.

Security Features

  • The robust backend is designed for excellent speed and tamper-proof data security. Your data is secure as no one can open, view or modify data outside the program, which helps in preventing frauds in your medical firm.


  • Many customized reports.
  • Change deleted vouchers report.
  • Various profit report.
  • Updated GST Reports.
  • MediVision Platinum Wholesale software offers very flexible reporting. You can search, sort, export any report, you can drill down or zoom in any reports to get a very clear understanding of the data shown in reports.
  • Generate several reports from Sales, Purchase, Expiry, Non Moving, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, etc.
  • Software provides accounting reports like Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Ledgers, GST registers and several other reports.
  • Reports can be sent to Excel format, HTML, PDF, Text or sent through email.

Technology aspects / Backend of wholesale Software

  • Our medical distribution software uses a self-developed front end and back end technology, which does not require any other database license to use. Thus saving you from additional cost or fear of using a pirated database.

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