FAQ-MediVision Platinum Wholesale

  • Is this windows based software?
    Yes.MediVision Platinum Wholesale is a Windows-based software.
  • What about existing stock in the shop?
    You can feed existing stock in the shop as “Opening Stock” in the software. We have provided features to feed the opening very quickly.
  • What about existing software data transfer?
    We have already migrated from many existing software products available in the market. We usually take only product, company, supplier master data & the batch wise current stock. With this data, you can start using MediVision Platinum Wholesale instantly.
    If we have not already migrated your software’s data, we can try to do it. Send your complete data backup to us. We will try to convert the data into MediVision Platinum Wholesale. Currently there are no additional charges for this. To know further about this, send an email to customercare@alliedsoftech.com.
  • What about training & where?
    we will provide you training online with remote access. Also there is a lot of information already available on our website. You can access this information after you purchase the software.
  • Shall I use barcodes in my shop?
    Using barcode involves printing of barcodes after feeding the purchase bill and then sticking them up to each strip & bottle. The only purpose is speedy billing. If your counter faces tremendous rush during peak business hours, you can consider using barcodes for sales. There is an additional workload of printing and sticking barcode labels to each strip and every bottle.The additional hardware needed is barcode (or thermal) printer for printing barcode labels and scanners for sale counter. Please enquire with your supplier forthe thermal printer & barcode scanner prices.
  • What to do if my computer fails?
    We advise you to take regular backups on CD or any other removable media. You can download, install and register MediVision Platinum Wholesale on another computer anytime. After that you can restore the backup and start using it immediately. But before you can register the new copy on another machine, you must first un-register from earlier computer using the menu provided in MediVision Platinum Wholesale.
  • What is the procedure for handling new financial years?
    MediVision Platinum Wholesale provides a simple and restriction-free method for creating and managing multiple financial years through a completely automated system. All masters, accounts & balances and inventory data is automatically carried forward in the new financial year.
  • Does the accounting data get transferred to Tally?
    MediVision Platinum Wholesale provides features to export accounting data into the format compatible with Tally’s SDF format.
  • What is the difference between Single-User & Multi-User?
    Single-User version can be used only on one computer. In Multi-User version, data is kept on main computer (server) and can be used on multiple computers within a LAN environment.
  • Does it provide password based locking or controls?
    MediVision Platinum Wholesale does provide passwords & locking controls. It is completely configurable and you can choose what is allowed and what is not for each user.
  • What about daily software backup?
    MediVision Platinum Wholesale comes with an integrated backup feature which creates a simple compressed backup file, which you can copy to a CD or any other removable media. You can restore it yourself very easily whenever you want.

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