MediVision Customer Connect App

With this MediVision mobile apps retailers can make their own bills, can see the availability of stock, schemes and rates of wholesalers. This app enables retailers to see/ download old bills, outstanding reports, Credit note reports, GST reports of his own. No need to contact wholesalers for anything. Retailers and Wholesalers can save lots of time and money by using this mobile application.

Features of Customer Connect App

  • Retailers can make his own Billing/ Orders remotely.
  • Retailers can check availability of stock.
  • Retailers can check Schemes and Rates.
  • Retailers can check their pending credit note report.
  • Retailers can get their own GST report in excel file format.
  • Retailers can Check their outstanding report.
  • Retailers can download their old bill copies.
  • No need to contact wholesalers for anything.
  • Save time and money.
  • Wholesaler can broadcast their messages of schemes and other things with images in this Mobile App

MediVision Salesman Connect App

This mobile application is specially developed for wholesalers. By this application, a salesman can directly make bills on the wholesaler’s server which will reduce time, cost & effort of the salesman. Salesmen can see the live outstanding report of Parties. Salesmen can make cash receipt entries from this App and can see the product purchased by the party from a specific period which leads to an increase in the sales order of salesmen.

Features of Salesman Connect App

  • Carry your business in your pocket.
  • Salesmen can make sales Bills/ Orders at customer end.
  • Salesmen can see outstanding reports of the selected party at customer end.
  • Salesmen can see live product Stock, Schemes and Rates.
  • Salesmen can load the history of last sold products.
  • The Salesman can make a cash receipt of the party at the customer end.
  • Saves time and Money of Wholesaler.
  • Increase in sales and 100 % availability of products.
  • No order bounces.

MediVision MR Connect App

This mobile application is specially developed for Pharmacy Wholesalers to reduce time, cost & energy. By this application MR can see his stock & sales statements, purchase orders directly from wholesaler server remotely MR can convert the stock & sales into pdf format. He can make a print/e-mail of it anytime.

Features of MR Connect App

  • MR can view, Print, Email Monthly/Weekly stock and sales on his own.
  • MR can View, Print, Email Purchase Orders.
  • MR can view area wise and Party wise sales reports.
  • MR can place orders to wholesalers.

MediVision Rx App

This mobile application is specially developed for the Patients/Customers to place the orders to their Chemist shop. It is more beneficial for the Patients and Retailers which are using Home Delivery option. As well it is a good bonding between Retailer and his Customers with its excellent features.

Features of MediVision Rx App

  • Patients can directly order to chemists.
  • Patients can send prescription photos.
  • Patients can save regular medicine for quick ordering.
  • Patients can track their orders and many more features.

Benefits To Retailers

  • Direct connectivity with patients.
  • Provide extra service to patients.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Hassel free working in software.
  • Maintain track record of patients.

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