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Remote Ordering/Billing - Our Latest Innovative Software Product

Innovative product to save time, money, efforts for both - Retailers & Wholesalers
Allows retailers to connect to "Remote Enabled" wholesalers server
Retailers can feed purchase order or make their own sale bill
Helps retailers to check products, availability
Helps wholesalers to avoid telephone calls, order/sales feeding
Data communication is Secure, fast and no other company/party/server is involved

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You will need user name & password to download updates. If you don't have it, please send an e-mail with your shop name & city/area name to We will send login details for downloading updates.

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MediVision Gold Retail Users - Instructions regarding upgrading your version and how to use features & reports related with Schedule H1 will be automatically shown after you download the version 1.4.50 or above.

MediVision Gold Retail
For Pharmacy, Medical Shops, Medical Stores

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MediVision Gold Wholesale
For Pharmaceutical, Medical Surgical, Cosmetic Stocks Distributors, Wholesaler

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MediVision C & F
For Pharmaceutical, Medical,
Cosmetic, Super Stockist,
C & F Agent, C & A Agent

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Finac Retail
For All Type Of Retail Shops

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Finac Hotel
For Restaurants, Bar, Lodges, Resorts

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Finac Garment
For Retail Garment, Reeliment, Cloth Stores, Shops

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Hospital Management System
Hospital Maneagement System (HMS) For All Types Of Hospital, - Big & Small

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Allied Softech Pvt Ltd Live Help
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