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Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics super stockiest, C &F agent billing, stock, inventory, accounting software system.
medivision gold C & F

MediVision Gold C&F

Reliable software for your Point of Sale, Inventory and Accounting needs

  Windows based, convenient User Interface
  Hassle-free counter sales, stock keeping and accounting
  Prompt after-sales Support (On-site or Call).

“The Allied’s “Medivision Gold C & F” software is really easy to use, they are superb with their customer service & did a great job by providing such a good software for us. Strongly recommend!!!”

testimonialbg REGALIA PHARMA (I) PVT. LTD. , Pune.

Product Overview - MediVision Gold C&F

MediVision Gold C&F is a warehouse management software specially developed for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Surgical, Cosmetics C & F Agents, C & A Agents and Super Stockiest. It covers all aspects involved in running a day to day medical C&F business, covering point of sales, inventory management and accounting online billing, up to finalization stage.

Top Features at a Glance

  User Access Control on Batch & Rate master among others.
   Pending Order tracking.
  Sample Issue recording
  Many stock, accounting, sales & outstanding reports based on MR / ASM / RSM / ZSM
  All features for accounting up to finalization, inventory management and billing

Online Billing, Inventory and Accounting

  Online Support (Chat, Email and Remote Access) and Telephonic Support through our dedicated call centre.
  Billing and Accounting is integrated in the MediVision Gold C&F software. It provides you online billing facility and accounting up to finalization. This saves you the hassles of spending additional time, money and efforts to maintain separate accounting. Our warehouse management software is also compatible with the Tally for accounting finalizations.
  Provides fast billing with LR, Transporter details.
  The built-in inventory management feature provides expiry handling, non-moving and slow moving products, generating purchase orders, etc. Numerous methods for generating daily purchase orders – average sales, order ratio, minimum level based, sales quantity based, etc.
  Built in facility to charge interest on late receipts.
  Checkpoints to help avoid/ minimize losses expiry claims, multiple MRP stock of same product, near expiry of similar drug, un-settled claims, purchase order, etc.
  Import purchase bills of many companies in a few easy clicks, thereby avoiding the time-consuming task of feeding lengthy purchase bills manually.
  Effortlessly convert purchase order to purchase bill.
  Use the Bulk SMS feature to quickly intimate your wholesalers, customers, C&F

Total Independency

  Get started within a few minutes. The medical C&F software is very simple to use and needs no computer knowledge.
  First company to give end user license for the software – which further reduces dependency of the user on the software vendor
  Download setup online anytime
  Data recovery tool in rare case of corruption due to sudden power failures
  Simplest method of closing financial year.
  Export financial and accounting data to Tally.
  Integrated Backup & Restore tool

Security Features

  The robust backend is designed for excellent speed and tamper-proof data security. Your data is secure as no one can open, view or modify data outside the program, which helps in preventing frauds in your medical shops.


  MediVision Gold Wholesale software offers very flexible reporting. You can search, sort, export any report, you can drill down or zoom in any reports to and get very clear understanding of the data shown in reports.
  Generate several reports from Expiry, Non Moving, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, etc.
  Software provides accounting reports like Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Ledgers, VAT registers and several other reports.
  The analytical reports are presented in a graphical format for quicker decision making.
  Reports can be sent to Excel format, HTML or sent through email.

Technology aspects / Backend

  Our medical distribution software used a self-developed front end and back end technology, which does not require any other database license to use, thus saving you from additional cost or fear of using pirated database.

Software Pricing and Terms

Buy a useful medical C&F software by purchasing MediVision Gold C&F online. Our medical shop software provides numerous features like Point of Sale Interface, Online Billing, Inventory Management, Comprehensive Reports, Accounting and several others.

Trusted by over 100 plus customers, our software has proven itself across industries like Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, Retail Stores, Hotels and Restaurants, Garment, etc

Software Pricing and Terms:
  Single User Pricing: INR 15000 + Taxes
  Multi User Pricing: INR 3000 + Taxes for each additional computer.
  Price includes free one year online & telephonic support and access to product updates
  Annual Charges after initial free support period: INR 4000 + Taxes
  Annual charges include online & telephonic support and access to product updates
  Additional prices may apply for additional modules / add-ons / extra node licenses.
  Read full Terms & Conditions here

Demo Videos

No Videos Available for this Product


This section addresses the most frequently asked questions about our Product – MediVision Gold C & F.

Yes. MediVision Gold C&F is a Windows-based software.

You can feed existing stock in the shop as “Opening Stock” in the software.

We have already migrated from many existing software products available in the market. We usually take only product, company, supplier master data & the batch wise current stock. With this data, you can start using MediVision Gold C&F instantly.

If we have not already migrated your software's data, we can try to do it. Send your complete data backup to us. We will try to convert the data into MediVision Gold C&F. Currently there are no additional charges for this. To know further about this, send an email to

Yes, we give you the software license CD if you purchase through our direct representative.

If you purchase online or from our direct representative, you will gain license to download our software from our website.

If you purchase through our direct representative, you can ask them about training arrangements.

If you purchase online, we will provide you training online with remote access. Also there is a lot of information already available on our website. You can access this information after you purchase the software.

Using barcode involves printing of barcodes after feeding the purchase bill and then sticking them up to each strip & bottle. The only purpose is fast billing. If your counter faces tremendous rush during peak business hours, you can consider using barcodes for sales. There is additional work-load of printing and sticking barcode labels to each strip and every bottle.

The additional hardware needed is barcode (or thermal) printer for printing barcode labels and scanners for sale counter. Please enquire with your supplier for the thermal printer & barcode scanner prices.

A 132-column dot matrix printer works the best for billing, credit note, receipt, stock & sales statement etc. However, MediVision Gold C&F. can work with any printer.

We advise you to take regular backups on CD or any other removable media. You can download, install and register MediVision Gold Wholesale on another computer anytime. After that you can restore the backup and start using it immediately. But before you can register the new copy on another machine, you must first un-register from earlier computer using the menu provided in MediVision Gold C&F.

MediVision Gold C&F provides a simple and restriction-free method for creating and managing multiple financial years through a completely automated system. All masters, accounts & balances and inventory data is automatically carried forward in the new financial year.

Please refer to Price & Terms page.

MediVision Gold C&F provides features to export accounting data into the format compatible with Tally's SDF format.

Single-User version can be used only on one computer. In Multi-User version, data is kept on main computer (server) and can be used on multiple computers within a LAN environment.

MediVision Gold C&F does provide passwords & locking controls. It is completely configurable and you can choose what is allowed and what is not for each user.

MediVision Gold C&F comes with an integrated backup feature which creates a simple compressed backup file, which you can copy to a CD or any other removable media. You can restore it yourself very easily whenever you want.

System Requirements

To make sure that MediVision Gold C&F delivers best performance, we recommend the following hardware and software.

  Computer:  P4 or higher processor, 1 GB RAM, 1 GB Free Disk Space
  Operating System:  Windows XP (SP2) or higher
  Printer:  132-Column Dot Matrix printer is most suitable. MediVision Gold C&F works with any printer
  Broadband or higher speed internet connection for remote support is a must.

Client's Experience

“Working on Allied's Medivision Gold C & F software has been wonderful. You can manage pending orders easily, generate role wise reports of sales (like for my Zonal Manager, Regional Manager, Area Manager, etc). You've got an excellent product and a very helpful customer support so I can promise that I will be recommending your product should I receive any inquiries.”
testimonialimg Mr. M. D. Gadiya, AUSTIN HEALTH CARE, Hadapsar.
“Our earlier C&F software did not address our pain points well. We were looking for single software that took care of day to day operations and handled billing, accounting and inventory management. We made the right decision to shift to Allied’s “Medivision Gold C & F”, which fulfils all our needs.”
testimonialimg Mr. Ravi Patil, SUSHIL PHARMA, Ichalkaranji.